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Ros na Rún


Sorcha is called in for questioning.
Dee ups the ante in sabotaging Katy.

Tuesday @ 20:30


Parental Rating: G

Vince is shocked that Caitríona would use his credit card behind his back. O'Shea finally gets to interview Andy, but he takes the interview in another direction when he makes an accusation against Br

First Shown: 19 Sep

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Ros na Rún
Tuesday @ 20:30
Sorcha is called in for questioning by O’Shea. She is unfazed at first but soon worries O’Shea may know she was involved in Jude’s hit and run. Will Sorcha confess all? Dee ups the ante in sabotaging Katy by manipulating Máire into spreading false information. Will Máire comply? Briain is shocked when told of Andy’s allegation against him and that Berni was aware of it. Will O’Shea arrest Briain?

TG4’s longest-running and best-loved series. The flagship soap opera is the only one in the Irish language. Its engaging story lines bring the strong characters through awkward situations, extreme jeopardy with many laughs to be had along the way. From the kindling of romance to consequent broken hearts, for some but not all. In its unique natural style, Ros na Rún deals with the many social issues communities are faced with in today’s world and excels in the exposure of such matters with insightful writing and acting.

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